TANCHJIM Zero Single Dynamic Driver in-Ear Earphone, Premium DMT4 Architecture Dynamic Driver HiFi IEMs in-Ear Monitor

TANCHJIM Zero Single Dynamic Driver in-Ear Earphone, Premium DMT4 Architecture Dynamic Driver HiFi IEMs in-Ear Monitor

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Tanchjim Zero is a brand new single-dynamic driver IEM with a compact bullet-shaped design, a single DMT4-based dynamic driver, and an entry-level price point. The pair packs a flagship-grade performance with its premium 10mm dynamic driver that adopts a composite diaphragm. Using deep R&D, Tanchjim has adjusted the acoustic cavity structure for an excellent sound quality output. Tanchjim has equipped the front cavity of Zero with SATTI Filter specially imported from Italy, they make the pair dust and waterproof. Tanchjim Zero packs a flagship-grade premium sound quality in a compact and ergonomic form factor


Premium DMT4 Architecture Dynamic Driver: Tanchjim has equipped the latest Zero with a 10mm composite diaphragm dynamic driver unit. Tanchjim has designed the driver based on their DMT4 architecture. It adopts FEA Finite Element Analysis software to simulate and analyze the driver data, optimizing the waveguide acoustic structure, strengthening the magnetic circuit, reducing the suspension quality, and adjusting the rigidity of diaphragm material. Zero is designed to deliver a quality performance at a budget price point


Precisely Designed Acoustic Cavity Structure: Tanchjim has done extensive R&D to develop the acoustic cavity structure of Zero. The cavity structure has been analyzed using Acoustic Structure Coupling ASI and Sound Transmission Loss STL technologies. The inner cavity here is crafted with fully calculated filter density, chosen housing material, and adjusting suspension system variables. This precisely crafted acoustic structure contributes to achieving an excellent sound performance with the set. 


Imported Dust and Waterproof Filters: Tanchjim has equipped the front cavity of the Zero with an imported SATTI filter. It protects the driver and internal acoustic structure from dust and water splashes. The pair have got nano-coating on its shell’s surface, making the pair as durable as ever. On the outer filter side, the pair is equipped with stainless steel protector. 


Premium OFC Silver Plated Copper Cable: Tanchjim Zero has a non-detachable cable. It adopts a high-quality 4N OFC Silver-Plated Copper cable with LITZ anti-oxidation structure. The cable is flexible and durable. It has a standard 3.5mm gold-plated termination plug.