Counterfeit M6 Pros

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We have recently learned of counterfeit MEE audio M6 PRO in-ear monitors being sold by unauthorized distributors and resellers in various regions around the world.

While these products bear MEE audio logos and can appear extremely similar to the genuine articles at first glance, the internal components, assembly quality, and performance all fail to meet our standards. These products may also fail to meet safety regulations for materials or workmanship. We regard such products as infringement on our intellectual property rights and a violation of our registered trademarks, and will pursue all available legal actions against the manufacturers and sellers of these items.

Our aim has always been to deliver high-quality products to our customers at reasonable prices, and these unauthorized knock-offs run counter to these goals. While we have already launched our efforts to clear the marketplace of all knock-off MEE audio products, we also openly provide this information so that our customers can make educated buying decisions and ensure they are getting the performance and quality our brand is known for.


  • Avoid purchasing MEE audio products from any source other than those listed on our Where to Buy page
  • On marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, purchase only from authorized MEE audio sellers and distributors found on our Where to Buy page
    • Examples of authorized MEE audio resellers on include, MEEaudio, Digital DJ Gear, and Turntable Lab
    • Examples of authorized MEE audio resellers on include MEE audio, Best Buy, idjnow, frontrowelectronics, and eBags
  • Avoid purchasing items marked used or refurbished, except those sold by MEE audio’s official eBay store. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Contact us if you have a question about purchasing one of our products

MEE audio’s technical support and warranty are provided solely for products purchased from our authorized resellers. We cannot reimburse you for, repair, or replace counterfeit products, but are actively pursuing action against all counterfeiters. Any information about counterfeit product that you can provide will help our efforts. If you suspect that you have purchased a counterfeit item, please report it to us by contacting and return the item to the original seller.


Please refer to the images below for some of the differences to look out for between genuine and counterfeit M6 PRO in-ear monitors.

This is not an exhaustive list of differences. If you suspect that you received a counterfeit, please contact us.

External packaging appearance

Genuine: Box sealed with clear tape circles
Counterfeit: Shrink wrapped box, no tape circles

Genuine: “Musician’s in-ear monitors” text above logo is in boldface
Counterfeit: No boldface text

Comply foam eartips

Genuine: Comply eartip bag made of glossy material with sharp print
Counterfeit: Eartip bag made of matte material with poor printing quality

Genuine: Foam material is dark and porous, with clear inner cores
Counterfeit: Foam material is smooth and lighter in color, with black inner cores

Double-flange silicone eartips

Genuine: larger in size and secure on the earpieces
Counterfeit: small and loose on the earpieces


Genuine: fine acoustic mesh filter – white color on M6 PRO (clear), black on M6 PRO (smoke)
Counterfeit: mesh not as fine. Filter is silver on M6 PRO (clear) and black on M6 PRO (smoke)

Headset cable microphone mesh filter

Genuine: has sweat-resistant filter over microphone opening
Counterfeit: no sweat-resistant filter present

If you have questions regarding the authenticity of your MEE audio M6 PRO in-ear monitors, please contact us.

Thank you for reading this and for your support of our efforts to protect our customers from negative experiences!