TANCHJIM Darling 2BA+1DD 3D Printing In-Ear Earphones
TANCHJIM Darling 2BA+1DD 3D Printing In-Ear Earphones
TANCHJIM Darling 2BA+1DD 3D Printing In-Ear Earphones
TANCHJIM Darling 2BA+1DD 3D Printing In-Ear Earphones

TANCHJIM Darling 2BA+1DD 3D Printing In-Ear Earphones

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1.TANCHJIM has always been honored of sophisticated earphone parts,we adhere to the highest craftsmanship to make a perfect headphone, including fine carving, mirror polishing,thread grinding and other processes. It is precisely because of TANCHJIM's high requirements for craftsmanship that each pair of Darling is a work of art.
2.The sound mouth has two depths of card slots, which can be adjusted according to your wearing habits and your pursuit of sound.
3.Built-in a DD unit and two BA units in a tiny cavity is a challenge of our product design and also a big challenge to the acoustic structure.

5.Our engineers applied FEA finite element analysis and simulation technology to independently carry out a series of electromagnetic, structural and acoustic electronic simulations on Darling's cavity structure and material, unit structure, diaphragm pattern and material, coil and other parts.

6.Then according to the simulation report of each part, combined with the previous experience, the parts were modified according to the target acoustic index. Finally, the overall acoustic simulation and coupling of the acoustic cavity of Darling were carried out. After multi-times polishing, the most suitable acoustic solution for Darling was obtained.

7.And then process 3D printing and metal proofing to verify. To ensure that Darling can burst out a powerful voice in a small body.

8.Perfect combination of structure based on FEA modified and circuit frequency division, Through the perfect combination of physical structures based on FEA simulation modifications and circuit frequency division, the connection problem of traditional BA+DD earphones can be solved the connection problem of traditional coil earphones from the root to convey accurate, natural and reference-level sound.

9.Compared with traditional eartips, T-APB air balance eartips increase the deflation function. T-APB can reduce wearing fatigue and sound bias caused by the difference in internal and external air pressure.

10.The core coating layer adopts a special improved material, and the characteristic silver foil wire is surrounded by multiple layers, which has low capacitance and low inductance. It has a beautiful appearance and also effectively reduces high-frequency loss.

11.The non-magnetic connectors ensure high-quality sound, and at the same time, the durability of the cable has been improved.

12.The Microfiber matte leather is showing off, and the stainless steel etched nameplate embellishment makes it unique.