Hivi SWAN OS-10 Wired an Wireless Multimedia Speakers 2.0

Hivi SWAN OS-10 Wired an Wireless Multimedia Speakers 2.0

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Hivi Swan OS-10 Active Stereo Speaker




Hivi speakers have always been loved by enthusiasts. The M series and D series are also series that enthusiasts understand. The new Hivi Swan OS-10 speakers launched this time turned out to be below 1k, but I did not expect that there should be It has all the functions that should have the sound quality at this price and it is better.


Hivi Swan OS-10 will no longer have the traditional knob design. Maybe it is because it is only an entry-level speaker, so the treble, mid and bass tuning is subtracted. However, the operation panel with touch selection function does bring a bit of novelty, the switch button The volume is increased, decreased, muted, and the input signal channel selection is clear.


Sum up as a whole, Hivi Swan OS-10 is a new type of active speaker with sincerity. Not only the appearance has been changed and the design of the knob has been removed, but also a series of brand-new designs have been replaced. The sound quality is also indispensable. It is almost unmatched on active speakers around 1k.


Dimension in mm:

133 Width x 202 Height x 190 Depth