FiiO BTA30 Pro
FiiO BTA30 Pro

FiiO BTA30 Pro

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New released bluetooth amplifier receiver ----- FiiO BTA30PRO 

fiio BTA30 PRO

Not only does the BTA30Pro bluetooth transceiver have Dual Hi-Res Certifications, but it also can come true input and output at the same time through a new Bypass mode.

The BTA30Pro transceiver is even more versatile with the new Bypass mode, allowing you to connect to several different devices at the same time!

When in Bluetooth Transmitting Mode, Bypass mode allows for optical input to optical/Bluetooth output at the same time.

In DAC mode, Bypass mode makes possible optical input to optical output.

Amplifier Receiver bta30pro


Responsible for digital-to-analog conversion is the excellent ES9038Q2M, letting you easily hear every small detail in your music and providing a wider dynamic range than with portable audio products. Film capacitors work with the ES9038Q2M for clearer and more transparent treble.


Qualcomm CSR8675

The BTA30 Pro bluetooth amplifier utilizes the efficient Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip for enhanced audio applications – supporting 32bit audio processing and equipped with a 120MHz DSP, it effectively integrates various Bluetooth decoding functions into one package.


XMOS decoding, for enhanced decoding ability

The XMOS receiver chip easily handles a wide variety of audio formats up to 384kHz/32bit PCM and native DSD256, allowing you to enjoy it by yourself.