The Story of FiiO's 2022 production plan for M11S , FiiO M15S and M17


FiiO's 2022 Product Road Map

HiFi new portable player preview and existing product information

For FiiO, April is the new beginning of 2022. To make the information more transparent, and help consumers choose the appropriate products based on their own budget and needs, we would like to share our scheduled new products from today. Meanwhile, we will also give a brief introduction to our existing products currently on sale.

1. FiiO M11S, expected to be released in June
The M11S is an upgrading model of the M11 launched in 2019. It will also be the model with the lowest price among FiiO's portable players in the next two years. The price, function, performance, and output power are similar to the M11, and the difference from the M11 is mainly in the SoC, display screen and DAC chip. In fact, the M11's market sales and user feedback were pretty good. However, due to supply chain reasons, the SoC, display and DAC chips had to be replaced.
The M11S is expected to be one of the most competitive models within 600 USD, and the first batch has already been reserved by our sales agents. In the words of an agent, FiiO has been absent from this price segment for too long.

2. M15S, is expected to be available in the fall
The basic situation of the M15 is the same as that of the M11, which was discontinued last year for supply chain reasons. The main difference between the M15S and M15 is also the SoC, display screen and DAC chip.
Similarly, the M15S will also fill the price segment gap between the current FiiO M11 Plus and M17, and will be the leading model of FiiO.

3. The M11 Plus ESS and M17 will be produced and sold normally this year, and there are no plans for new colors and new materials (like copper, stainless steel). You can buy it if you like it.
After the M11S and M15S are released, FiiO's portable players will cover the price range of 450~2000 USD. We will not consider research and development of lower-end products. The main reason is that the Android players in the lower price range cannot meet user needs. In terms of sound quality, their performance and output power are also indistinguishable from USB audio adapters and Bluetooth DAC/Amps. In the current era of streaming media, the market for pure music players has shrunk even more.