Frequently Asked Questions (Earphone/Headphone Imbalance)

Some typical problems with IEM use that are easily discovered and fixed have been discussed by those we have observed. Have you lately purchased an IEM and are you having any problems with it?  We will thus talk about the top three problems that customers question us about with their just purchased IEMs today. Let's get some popcorn and get started before wasting any more time.

Channel Imbalance
The Channel Imbalance can be caused by a variety of factors, including faulty cable connections, defective headphone jacks, and manufacturing errors in the device. 

 Loose Adapter Connections

Although the one with the incorrect sign appears to be completely secured, it still requires a final push. The one with the correct symbol is completely locked and functions well. Whether the connections are between the earpieces or the termination plugs and adapters, we should always inspect them. 

Damaged Headphone Jack

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Try blowing air inside the headphone socket to see if it works again. This might be caused by dirt buildup inside the socket.

Manufacturing fault 
If your product still have channel imbalance issues even after checking on the cable connections and headphone jack, the product might have some issue. For this scenario, you have to contact the brand or the retail store from where you got the product.

Imbalanced Caused by Due to Ear Wax Buildup
Ear wax accumulation on the nozzle filter or the ear tips is often one of the main problems that lead to channel imbalance in over-ear headphones. Many of the units that we have seen had ear wax build-up on the nozzle filter, leading consumers to believe that the device is broken.

Simply check and clean both the ear tips and filters on the nozzle of your earphones. A simple clean-up with a soft cotton bud will solve this issue.

Cable Issues
If you hear channel imbalance in your newly bought IEMs, we suggest you try the pair with a different cable. Usually it is extremely rare to get a damaged cable in a brand new set, but if that’s the case swapping the cables should resolve the issue.

Damaged Drivers
It is possible for one or more drivers to malfunction, leading to an imbalance in the pair's channel. It is easily identified by the hollow sound coming from the damaged side. Once more, receiving a damaged driver is a highly uncommon occurrence. If you do received a damaged driver, please contact REDAPE

Fit Issues
To help you discover the perfect fit, have a stockpile of ear tips at the ready. Additionally, eartips slightly alter the sound quality; we encourage you to experiment and learn more for yourself.

Defective Cable
Although cable flaws are extremely uncommon, they can nonetheless occur. Any problem, such as a damaged termination plug or broken connection, might exist. One side may sound and the other mute due to a faulty wire. You should try with other cables to resolve this issue.

Accidental Damage Repair Requirement
If an accident occurred such as falling off the IEMs, hitting a hard surface, or experiencing any form of dust or water damage, you may experience an imbalance problem. You will need to mail your damaged product in order for us to resolve this