FiiO RC-MMCX3S Microphone Earphone Cable 
FiiO RC-MMCX3S Microphone Earphone Cable 

FiiO RC-MMCX3S Microphone Earphone Cable 

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Replacement Cable Standard MMCX 3.5mm earphone upgrade line with mic and control for Shure/Westone/JVC/FiiO


Fiio RC-MMCX3S is a 3.5mm cable, with the exact same design and material as the provided balanced cable of FH1.


  • 3.5mm to MMCX connector
  • 1.2m length
  • Color: Black
  • Cable: Black, with in-line controls; TPE material for the exterior and tin-plated copper for the core
  • L shape gold-plated copper plug
  • Colors and texture for easy identification and replacement
  • The end of the MMCX cable's left channel is adorned with a splash of blue, while the end of the right channel is trimmed with a touch of red - for easy identification of the audio channels in a subtly stylish way. These channel ends also have a spiral texture engraved into them, for just the right amount of friction to greatly aid in removing and replacing the cable.
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android phones with CTIA standard earphone connector
  • Volume adjustment is not available on iPhone
  • Button definition of Android phone depends on the manufacturer; please refer to the user manual of your Android device
  • Smartphone's recognition to in-line control function may vary with the OS, software firmware, region, etc...

Compatible models

  • FiiO FH1/F9/F9 PRO
  • Shure SE215/SE315/SE425/SE535/SE846
  • UE900/UE900S
  • Westone UMpro10/UMpro20/UMpro30/UMpro50/W10/W20/W30/W40/W50/W60/W80;
  • UM20/UM30/UM50/AM10/AM20