FiiO F9 Pro Triple Driver Hybrid Earphones
FiiO F9 Pro Triple Driver Hybrid Earphones
FiiO F9 Pro Triple Driver Hybrid Earphones
FiiO F9 Pro Triple Driver Hybrid Earphones
FiiO F9 Pro Triple Driver Hybrid Earphones

FiiO F9 Pro Triple Driver Hybrid Earphones

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FiiO F9 Pro Best Over the Ear Headphones/ Earphones/ Earbuds Detachable Cable Design Triple Driver Hybrid (1 Dynamic + 2 Knowles BA) In-Ear Monitors with Android Compatible Mic and Remote 


The FiiO F9 Pro is the new top tier balanced IEM from FiiO and the first to use a brand new triple-driver hybrid design, with each channel (L/R) is composed of one dynamic and dual balanced Knowles TWK-30017-000 armature drivers.

The 9.2mm dynamic driver is specifically tuned to produce bottomless lows while the dual Knowles drivers give precision audio image resolution. To cater for both balanced and unbalanced connections, the F9 Pro comes complete with both a 2.5mm balanced cable and 3.5mm phono cable which can be interchanged easily via their MMCX connectors. The 2.5mm balanced cable is made from silver-plated copper wire which ensures a balanced sound signature and a high level of detail retrieval. The 3.5mm phono cable comes with a full set of in-line controls capable of playing/pausing songs, switching tracks, volume adjustment, and even taking phone calls with its high-quality microphone.

The F9 Pro utilizes a dynamic driver made of PEK (polyether ketone) polymer nanocomposite, known for not only being tough but also being light. This allows the F9 Pro's dynamic driver to be highly capable of producing quick, detailed, and extended bass whilst attaining the required frequency response of up to 40kHz for Hi-Res Audio certification. Equally the F9 Pro has been thoroughly tested with dozens of stringent quality test, thousands of times including swing testing, wire durability testing, and temperature resistance testing.

  • Three drivers: one 9.2mm dynamic driver specifically tuned to produce bottomless lows and two Knowles balanced armature TWFK-30017-000 to give the F9 Pro immense capabilities in resolving every last detail.
  • Detachable cable design with MMCX connectors, supplied with both a single-ended audio cable with in-line microphone and control, and a 2.5mm balanced cable. Both cables are with L-shaped plug; with red& blue metal rings on the MMCX connectors
  • Over-the-ear wearing for an enjoyable experience
  • Hi-Resolution Audio Certified for frequency response up to 40kHz, fully reproducing the audio and also giving you a natural and life-like listening experience
  • Thoughful accessories: 12 pairs of ear tips + waterproof carrying case + Water-resistant neoprene carrying pouch




1. Is FA7 easy to drive? Could it be drived by cellphone?
A: FA7 is very sensitive and its sensitivity is 110dB. It could be drived by cellphone easily.

2. How to choose the right ear tips for FA7?
A: The max size of the sound tube for FA7 is 5.5mm. So it's recommended to buy ear tips which inner diameter are between 4-5mm.

3. What's the accessories of FA7?
A: The accessories of the FA7 include one high purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable with 3.5mm plug, 4 sets of eartips (Balanced, Vocal, Memory foam, Bass), headphone case*1, storage bag*1, cleaning brush*1, cable clamp*1

4. What's the included cable of FA7?
A: It comes with one high purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable with TPU cover. The plug is standard 3.5mm plug. We will have 2.5mm/4.4mm plug balanced cable and 8-Stranded high purity Monocrystalline Silver-Plated Copper Cables for your purchase soon.

5. How is FA7 sound tuning style?What type of music is suitable for listening?
A: The sound quality is for your reference only. The overall tonality of the FA7 is on the HiFi side of popular. The bass, the mid-range and the treble are well balanced: the bass is powerful with quick transient response and presents enough depth in armature driver IEMs, though not as good as the dynamic drivers; the male and female vocals are recessed; and the penetration and extension of the treble make the advantages of the armature drivers to the full extent. The good laying also presents a strong sense of liveness with both percussion and stringed instruments.
6. Is it normal that there is the bubble in the FA7 ear units? And will it affect the sound quality?
A: The internal drivers are put in the headphone shell and fixed with UV glue. Because of the fluidity of UV glue, something like the bubble is inevitable. The presence of this bubble does not affect the sound, so please don't worry.

7. Will something like earwas damage FA7 when without filter net in the nozzle?
A: Without a filter in the nozzel, you can get the better sound quality, and it will not affect normal use. In addition, it is easier to remove something like earwax under this design.